Whither he cometh?

Aeons ago, as a precocious teen, I wrapped myself in a non-assuming, spontaneously gibberish name and ventured out into the weird world of computer bulletin board systems to find strange and wonderful companions, with whom to discuss and enjoy life, love, mind, spirituality, science — or to just watch a dumb movie, go bowling, and eat Chex Mix.

Having approached the meridian of my life, and being a responsible adult, I’d found myself missing the fun, freedom, and companionship I’d ignored on the path to respectability and productivity. It was time to seek wonder, for a change.

The little-known mantle…

An episode of panic, police, and psychic power

In script: “Topography.” An image of a hill, photographic on one side, sketched on the other. Includes a quote by woo-d-woo
This will all make sense later — photo and graphics by the author (via Canva) except for half of an intuitive scribble by Woo D Woo

Boop. The two ladies rifle through loose papers and converse in Spanish, trying to discern what the heck kind of vegetable I have brought to their register. Solving my masterful puzzle requires so much concentration that they can’t spare a moment to acknowledge my presence. Might I have a future in designing Sudoku? Tap, tap, swipe, beep.

I’ve already received “the call” twice. “What’s taking so long? The kids are going nuts.” My poor wife, imprisoned in a vehicle with a clan of deranged goblins disguised as children, desperately requests the commutation of her sentence. …

What Scientific American is afraid to say about the human gaze

A man peers magnetically at you with one eye through splayed fingers — Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels, remixed by the author via Canva

Adrenaline surged through her as she suddenly became aware of a person approaching too closely to her shopping cart. She whirled around and found an elderly man touching her infant. Fear and anger surged through her for a moment. “What are you doing, she demanded?”

The man appeared apologetic. He explained, in Spanish, that he had been looking at her baby, and now he had to touch it. This would undo any damage from the evil eye — “Mal de Ojo.”

We had lived in the southwestern United States before, but we were new to Texas. This was just the…

That sure made me barf

Over a blue and yellow spiral background, yellow clouds gather, and a sickly green, surrealist face appears, spewing forth tendrils of gack. Text: “3 Lucid Dreaming Supplements That sure made me barf”
Digital vomitus by author, with help from Canva & playform.io

Welcome to Gacktopolis

It’s either a blessing or a curse. I have a very active chemoreceptor trigger zone. How’s yours?

Why a curse? Well, some party fun time chemicals that entranced my buddies throughout high school and college were less enjoyable for me. Whatever thrills they might have delivered hit me with a heavy dollop of nausea.

Why a blessing? For example, that time I tried some hydrocodone at a party in my late teens, I spent hours vomiting. I demanded to be taken home, ruining the chill vibes for my friend. …

Allowing for non-local experience

To the right, an abstract human face is painted within a wavy, cloud-like outline. Incorporated into the face is a question mark. To the left, the title, super-imposed on a rising and falling shape.
Image by author and an electronic brain (Playform.io)

Involved as I am in a community that supposes everyone is at least a little bit psychic, I often see questions like this one:

So I have listened to some presentations from [Russell Targ] and I am interested in remote viewing but one thing I don’t understand is how you are supposed to start picking up on the supposed location. You are just given a number and from that you just think really hard and try to pick up what comes to mind when looking at that number? And that number could be an image or a place or a…

A modern retelling of ancient parapsychological research

Images of a cauldron, a tortoise, a lamb, and the ruins of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, overlaid with a yellow sunburst design and the title text: "The First Remote Viewer"
Soon to be a major motion picture? Image by Grin Spickett via Canva

Last year, Frankandfriends — my fellow moderator at r/remoteviewing on Reddit — was idly reading the writings of Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian (as one does). He shared an excerpt in our team chat, for a reason that now escapes my addled brain.

Bored and mildly curious, I spent a few minutes to read a bit further into Herodotus’ “History,” and the following passages struck me like a revelation. The author was speaking to me from thousands of years in the past about one of my favorite topics.

He was telling a story about remote viewing.

Since that time, I’ve…

A psychic quest into the blurred lines between real and imaginary

Title text: “Perils of the Atlantean Bracelet” and Sandragon logo superimposed on photo of glowing bracelet on a bed of snow.
Atlantean bracelet image used with permission from Sandragon artists


If you have arrived at this article already familiar with the psychic discipline of remote viewing, there are some background sections you may wish to skim through. Please don’t expect a detailed analysis.

If you have arrived here familiar only with tabletop role-playing games, you may feel incredulous about the concepts presented here. That’s okay. I know you folks enjoy a good yarn. I’m including some background information about remote viewing so that you have context, and I ask, please read it so that we can get on the same page. If you find your interest piqued, there will be…

What rural drug dealers taught me about the paywall

Text: When you party with me, you party for free. Backdrop of a wild party, with sparkles and floating pills as floating design elements.
Image by author, via Canva

“Is there a way to post to Twitter without bypassing the paywall?”

It was an honest question by a writer new to our ecosystem. Not all of us who write here have resigned ourselves to “hobbyist” status.

And yet, there are two things I always do with my articles (and one that I sometimes do):

  1. Share on Twitter (which bypasses the monthly article limit for non-members)
  2. Share a “friends and family" link everywhere I post, in addition to the canonical link
  3. Bonus! Maintain a freely-available external list of “friends and family" links that can be discovered by search engines


An essential online remote viewing resource gets even better

It is a parody of the X-Box "Achievement Unlocked"
Graphic thrown together by author, via Canva and PowerPoint

Commemorating the r/remoteviewing subreddit reaching a milestone 30,000 members today, we are pleased to announce the relaunch and modernization of one of the Internet’s longest-running* and most essential remote viewing resources.

It is time to update your bookmarks and hyperlinks, folks.

One20+ has become RemoteViewing.link

A history of One20+

In the heady days of 2006 (or 2008), Jon Knowles resolved to collect the Internet’s finest, most useful, and most credible resources on remote viewing all in one convenient place. Then, he looked down on what he had done and saw that it was good. He named it One20+ (or 120+) and diligently updated and…

Is the dream job of the future worth the risks?

A man is silhouetted at the glowing, purple threshold of the Limen. Beyond, a silver willow looms over a moon-like landscape.
Design by author, via Canva, with free art.

“Daniel?” I call, then bellow with more desperation. “Daniel? Leave the stupid thing! We’ve had a decent haul.” I let the lie hang in the tangy air. If ever I was worried, it was now.

No answer. He should be scrambling down the heaps of candy-colored dung. I pause here anyways and burn precious seconds, listening for the crackles of the approaching Crush. There’s only an eerie silence.

Who gambles with Maya? We all do. The world’s about to wake, and as scientific as this is, there’s a lot the big brains haven’t figured out yet.

With the ambleway shut…

Grin Spickett

r/remoteviewing mod, dreamer, degrees in pharmacy, business & molecular biology, Latter-day Saint priest, father, meditator, uniformed health officer, weirdo

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