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  • Peter Eastman

    Peter Eastman

    Independent Buddhist counsellor, teacher & writer.

  • Enola Forest

    Enola Forest

    freedom through unity

  • Brian Lightfoot

    Brian Lightfoot

    Brian is Director of Standard Remote Viewing: offering training, services, and publishing a newsletter of Remote Viewing project research & future predictions.

  • Jenifer Prather

    Jenifer Prather

  • Siphonophorae Seas

    Siphonophorae Seas

  • RVCM authors

    RVCM authors

    Various contributing authors from the remote viewing community.

  • C.T. Alberto

    C.T. Alberto

    Part of the fourth estate breaking down the fourth wall helping those transition through the fourth dimension as a reporter, journalist and prolific writer

  • Stephen Reza

    Stephen Reza

    Aspiring to brilliance, madness, or some combination of both

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