An episode of panic, police, and psychic power

In script: “Topography.” An image of a hill, photographic on one side, sketched on the other. Includes a quote by woo-d-woo
This will all make sense later — photo and graphics by the author (via Canva) except for half of an intuitive scribble by Woo D Woo

Boop. The two ladies rifle through loose papers and converse in Spanish, trying to discern what the heck kind of vegetable I have brought to their register. Solving my masterful puzzle requires so much concentration that they can’t spare a moment to acknowledge my presence. Might I have a future…

What Scientific American is afraid to say about the human gaze

A man peers magnetically at you with one eye through splayed fingers — Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels, remixed by the author via Canva

Adrenaline surged through her as she suddenly became aware of a person approaching too closely to her shopping cart. She whirled around and found an elderly man touching her infant. Fear and anger surged through her for a moment. “What are you doing, she demanded?”

The man appeared apologetic. He…

A modern retelling of ancient parapsychological research

Images of a cauldron, a tortoise, a lamb, and the ruins of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, overlaid with a yellow sunburst design and the title text: "The First Remote Viewer"
Soon to be a major motion picture? Image by Grin Spickett via Canva

Last year, Frankandfriends — my fellow moderator at r/remoteviewing on Reddit — was idly reading the writings of Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian (as one does). He shared an excerpt in our team chat, for a reason that now escapes my addled brain.

Bored and mildly curious, I spent a…

A psychic quest into the blurred lines between real and imaginary

Title text: “Perils of the Atlantean Bracelet” and Sandragon logo superimposed on photo of glowing bracelet on a bed of snow.
Atlantean bracelet image used with permission from Sandragon artists


If you have arrived at this article already familiar with the psychic discipline of remote viewing, there are some background sections you may wish to skim through. Please don’t expect a detailed analysis.

If you have arrived here familiar only with tabletop role-playing games, you may feel incredulous about the…

An essential online remote viewing resource gets even better

It is a parody of the X-Box "Achievement Unlocked"
Graphic thrown together by author, via Canva and PowerPoint

Commemorating the r/remoteviewing subreddit reaching a milestone 30,000 members today, we are pleased to announce the relaunch and modernization of one of the Internet’s longest-running* and most essential remote viewing resources.

It is time to update your bookmarks and hyperlinks, folks.

One20+ has become

A history of One20+

In the heady days of…

Grin Spickett

r/remoteviewing mod, dreamer, degrees in pharmacy, business & molecular biology, Latter-day Saint priest, father, meditator, uniformed health officer, weirdo

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